Serving Ventura & LA Counties since 2000
Simi Valley, CA
Copyright 2009 Moebius Recording
Shot of main console, monitors, and of course, lava lamps.
Focusrite Platinum, Avalon VT737, Presonus Eureka, dbx 376, dbx 386, Aphex 207D, Yamaha MLA-8
Lay killer guitar and bass tracks with the Mesa Boogie Rectifier Preamp, Line6 POD Pro, Sansamp RBI, and more...
Reverbs & Effects: TC Electronic M-One XL, Lexicon MPX1, Pristine op amps and digital converters via RME Fireface 800, precision monitoring with the Presonus Central Station, and lush synths and textures with the expanded Yamaha Motif Rack.
Are you looking at my rack again? Here we have an Alesis HD24, Furman RP8, Focusrite Platinum, Avalon VT737, Presonus Eureka, dbx 376, dbx 386, Aphex 207D, Yamaha MLA-8, Mesa Boogie Recifier Preamp, Line6 POD Pro, Sansamp RBI.
Come hear what you or your band sounds like through 10,000 watts!  Only top notch gear in this PA:  Power by QSC & Yamaha, Speakers by Yamaha & JBL, Mixer by Mackie, Effects by TC Electronic & Lexicon, Dynamics by Presonus, dbx and BBE.  Filtered with Furman power circuitry.
The face of 10,000 watts.  Here's one stack of 3 Yamaha S115IV's.  Yamaha dual 18
Main monitors: Original HR824's by Mackie, bass management by Tannoy.  Simply amazing, true sound.
Classic monitoring via Yamaha NS-10's
Passive monitoring via the classic Mackie 32-8.  The 32-8 is not used in the recording signal chain, but rather for its monitoring capabilities.
Plenty of guitar amps and sounds available: Here is a Mesa Boogie Dual-Rectifier Roadster.
Randall interchangable preamp heads with Randall cabinets.  11? Is that all?
Marshall.  Speaks for itself.
Bass amps? Got 'em! Ampeg, SWR, David Eden, Sansamp... or run your bass through the Avalon or any other mic pre's!
A shot of the David Eden 4x10 with hybrid tube/solid-state head.
Classic Fender Deluxe guitar amp.
Bring your drums or record with one of the studio kits available by Pearl, Pacific, and Mapex.  Cymbals all Zildjian & Paiste.  DW hardware.  V-drums and other percussion sampling available.
Your drums are recorded with only top quality microphones driven through high-end outboard preamplifiers. A few mic's to use on your kit: Neumann TLM107, AKG 414-TLII, AKG c451b, AKG D112, AKG C3000, AKG C1000, Shure Beta52, Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Seinheisser e609, Seinheisser e604, Audix D6, and more...
Another shot of the control room.  The room has 4 matrix sends and 24 simultaneous mic inputs from the studio.
Wider shot of the control room.  The Mackie Universal Control provide tactile quick, analog style mixing direct to practically any DAW.  SONAR is the preferred recording program at Moebius.  We can also record via Cubase or Pro Tools.